Situated at Sampaloc, Rizal, Mount Batolusong is a good starting point for beginners as it offers simple trail with lots of bushy areas that can be a good hiding place from the sun.

It is popular for its beautiful ridge and sea of clouds view.


02:00AM - Meet-up at Jollibee, Farmers Plaza, Cubao
02:30AM - Departure from Cubao
04:00AM - Arrival at the registration, secure guides, and orientation
04:30AM - Start hike
05:00AM - Water source
05:30AM - Arrival at the rock formation, and witness the sun rise and sea of clouds
06:00AM - Hike to the first view deck and see the full view of sea of clouds
06:30AM - Hike to the summit
07:30AM - Picture taking at the ridge
08:30AM - Arrival at the summit, eat packed breakfast, and picture taking
09:30AM - Descend
11:30AM - Arrival at Sangab Cave and swim
12:30PM - Take a bath and eat packed lunch
01:30PM - Back to registration
02:00PM - Travel to Manila
04:00PM - Back in Manila


- 2 to 3 liters of water
- Lunch
- Trail food
- Trekking shoes or sandals
- Headlamp or flashlight
- Sun protection (sunscreen, hat, arm sleeves, sun glass)
- Rain protection
- Extra clothes
- Medicine kit
- Toiletries
- Garbage bag
- Camera
- Power bank
- Pocket money


D - Divided by the number of hike buddies
E - Each person

- P4,500 (D) - Van
- P500 (D)- Per guide (1 guide per 5 persons)
- P30 (E)- Tip for the guide
- P100 (E) - Registration fee
- P20 (E)- Bathroom


1. Sun rise and sea of clouds

2. Rock formation

3. First view deck to witness a better angle of the sea of clouds.

4. Approaching the ridge and "Susong Dalaga" (Maiden's Breast)

5. Beautiful ridge to the summit

6. Reaching the summit

6. View from the summit

7. Sangab Cave


Updated: July 17, 2017